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NeighborhoodPlanet.TV takes all that's local, help make it COOL and FEATURE it for the world to see. Created in the spirit of PBS and NPR, we also program locally, but our local is literally local....WORLD WIDE! Our broadband, broadcast online network has been developed for creators, those who has something to say, something to be seen or something for other's to experience. NeighborhoodPlanet.TV takes all that's good in your neigborhood and help YOU get the word out to, "Hey, look what we're doing, why don't you join us." With the need and the urge to find some commonalities to create and environment of peace, harmony intelligence and prosperity, NeighborhoodPlanet.TV let's you know who your neighbor is, all the good things that your neighbor is doing, letting you know what and why he's thinking what he's thinking and how we can build something together that will be long lasting positive and prosperous.



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ArtsandCulture.TV puts the diverse in diversity and always stoking the flame of Creativity! Dedicated to enlightening, enhancing and empowering your mind, body and soul.


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TerrificKid.TV is a channel featuring youth doing awesome things inside the classroom outside the classroom and at home. Displaying, featuring and showcasing positively uplifting youth that are tremendous peer leaders, bold game changers and top of the line citizens leading by example, more specifically youth of color therefore redefining imagery, positively influencing public perception and stimulating an alternative dialogue in reference to these youth.